Modern kitchens custom made !

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One more reason ...

  • unique and stylish design adaptable to any space.
  • 4000 color tones.
  • Choice of finish (matte, metallic, gloss).
  • Table tops resistant to temperature and humidity than conventional job boards.
  • Large selection of built-in appliances.
  • Quick delivery.
  • Express Service.

Kitchen Glamour

Glamour line of our kitchens is decorated with curved lines table tops and front elements. Roundness lines achieve this specific, almost futuristic look of our kitchens. The specialty of this design is that the kitchen look almost organically integrated into your space - no sharp lines. Your kitchen exudes a harmonious strokes that anyone who sees them being left breathless.

Kitchen Stile

Style line of our kitchens is intended for people who prefer straight lines, classic look but still looking for from your kitchen area to provide them with ergonomic working environment, modern and functional solutions and uncompromising build quality. The specificity of straight line design has primarily practical side as it makes maximum use of your space and allows it to be in smaller kitchens achieve optimum functionality.

Modern kitchens, high quality and unique design.

  • Unique and elegant design

    Unique and stylish design adaptable to any space
  • Choice of colors

    We have about 4000 tones of colors
  • Quality

    Tests for quality kitchen and kitchen parts were performed according to European (EN) standards. Laboratory testing was to determine the accuracy and quality of materials, durability, stability and resistance to abrasion and chemicals that are present in the use and maintenance of the kitchen.